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Sanyo Trading (Shanghai) is 100% subsidiary of Sanyo Trading Japan and Import/Export of Automotive interior functional products, rubber and chemical and also sale them in Chinese markets. We have dangerous cargo handling license and handle them.
August 2002 Sanyo Trading Shanghai Representative Office is opened
September 2003 Sanyo Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is established
October 2004 Tianjin Office is established
November 2005 Guangzhou Office is established
January 2009 Dangerous Cargo Handling License acquired

Organization Chart

Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy We aim at being a corporation that has an international vision, creates new value with our strengths in information and technology, and contributes to society.
Management Policy We intend to increase our corporate value through our sound business activities according to our steady but progressive enterprising spirit.
We provide attractive products and services, with the greatest possible satisfaction for our clients first and foremost.
We respect individuals based on personal responsibility. We enhance creativity and team power leading to an energetic corporate climate.
Action Policy We act with sincerity according to our corporate philosophy.
We comply with all laws and regulations reflecting our good sense and grace.
We openly disclose information to enhance the transparency of our management.
We set clear objectives, make decisions decisively and act quickly with passion and pride.
We respond to environmental changes and always work toward self-improvement.
We keep close communication within our company and with our clients as one of our organizational strengths.
We aim at the corporate citizen that is trusted by society.
STC VALUES STC VALUES are four items for all of our company staff members to act according to our corporate philosophy, management policy and action policy.
SINCERITY - We comply with all laws and regulations and act sincerely.
PASSION - We areactive and passionate.
QUICKNESS - We act and make decisions quickly.
CHANGES - We take opportunity in change and act courageously.