Weathering, UV and ozone resistance

Mechanical and dynamic mechanical properties


Due to its long-term heat stability and its good resistance to automotive fluids, Levapren® is used in seals, e.g., for rocker head covers.

Levapren® is used as base material for flame-retardant and chlorine-free hose covers like in the fuel hoses for AUDI pro- duced by Veritas.


The high flame resistance of Levapren®-sheeted cables is one of the reasons for the great success of this EVM brand of ARLANXEO.


Floorings based on Levapren® can not only fulfill FRNC requirements(1), they also give benefits like good resistance to wear, abrasion, ozone, weathering and they offer out- standing color stability.

Sensor cables

Due to its unique polymerization process, the molecular weight distribution of Levapren® is in particular wide. The gel-free product has a positive effect on the processabili- ty of the material and the quality of the end product such as the sensor cables produced by Prysmian. Gel particles would impact the function of the cables and therefore cause safety problems.For instance, Levapren® vulcanizates satisfy the stringent requirements of such applications in terms of thermal stabil- ity, flame retardancy, and good resistance to ozone, UV light and industrial waste gases.